This year's 2023 Summer Event Series is brought to you by our Signature/Media Sponsor, 91.7 Coast FM.  Thank you "My Coast Now" for  supporting us by promoting our activities throughout

The historic Halfmoon Bay General Store is on the move. You can read more about it in my Coast Reporter Halfmoon Happenings article and on the Store's Facebook page.The article

Celebrate the arrival of spring by helping local wildlife!  For the first time since 2019, community members of all ages are invited to join biologists from the Sunshine Coast Wildlife

This year's 2023 Summer Event Series is brought to you by our Signature/Media Sponsor, 91.7 Coast FM.  Thank you "My Coast Now" for  supporting us by promoting our activities throughout

Justine's January edition of the Towhee is now available!

Join the HBCA Board, Area B Director, and your neighboursat the COMMUNITY INFORMATION  & CONSULTATION SESSION - on the future of a community hall in Halfmoon Bay Friday, January 13thDrop-in from

Dear neighbours,It is hard to believe that we near the end of 2022 already.  Wowza! Time does fly.I hope you get to slow down for at least a few days

At the December 15th Electoral Area Services Committee meeting, the SCRD staff submitted a report on the status of the Coopers Green Hall Replacement Project.  The report proposed to conduct

On 14 November 2022, the Halfmoon Bay Community Development Forum (CDF) sent this to the SCRD: Submission to the Sunshine Coast Regional District A. INTRODUCTIONEstablished in September 2022, the Halfmoon Bay Community Development Forum aims

The Halfmoon Bay Community Association (HBCA) Neighbours Helping Neighbours fundraiser is part of the HBCA’s Community Initiatives Program. YOU DID IT!  Thanks to incredibly generous donations from several businesses, as well

The Coopers Green Hall Replacement Project suffered a major setback in July at which time the report from the geotechnical consultants indicated that the chosen site and hall design at

Town Hall: On November 4th, the HBCA held its 3rd Town Hall of 2022.  Approximately 100 residents participated, including MLA Nicholas Simons as our guest, and incoming Area B Director Justine Gabias. 

At the SCRD Board Meeting on October 13th, the members voted to defer the vote on the options presented in the Staff report.  See page 15, Annex C. Upon reading the

A couple of hours after the polls closed on Saturday, October 15th, the Coast Reporter announced that Justine Gabias had won the race for the position of Area B Director.The

On 22 September 2022, the Community Development Forum (CDF) wrote to Elena Farmer, District Manager for the Lower Mainland, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI).On 11 October 2022, MoTI responded.On 17 October 2022,

On October 13th, the fate of the new Hall at Coopers Green Park is once again in the hands of the SCRD Board.  Read here the SCRD Staff's Construction update

On 7 October 2022, the following article appeared in the Coast Reporter on the formation of the Community Development Forum Excerpt:

This is a special announcement, with a single focus and a big request to forward it to as many Halfmoon Bay friends and neighbours as possible. We need to give everyone

After a public nomination process, the newly formed Halfmoon Bay Community Development Forum (CDF) held its inaugural committee meeting at Coopers Green Hall on Sep 6, 2022.Interim Committee Chair Don

The HBCA is very pleased to announce that the HBCA Board has just approved the set-up of a new Halfmoon Bay Community Development Forum (CDF).  The need for an organized

Update following the presentation made to the SCRD’s Committee of the Whole meeting on July 14th.  In brief, the Hall project at Coopers Green is in jeopardy due to ocean

Read the latest story in the Coast Reporter on this ongoing issue.

On behalf of the Board of the Halfmoon Bay Community Association (HBCA) we welcome the decision made at the May 26 meeting of the SCRD Board to go ahead with

At the May 19th Electoral Area Services Committee meeting, SCRD staff presented their report:  Representatives of the HBCA Board made a presentation at the meeting: At the SCRD Board Meeting on May

The SCRD have received revised estimates for the Coopers Green Hall replacement project. The overall cost has increased alarmingly - by between $1M and $1.5M. Staff will present a report to the Electoral Area

ONE STRAW SOCIETY – SUBSIDIZED CROP CIRCLE FOOD BOXESWe are excited to announce a collaboration between the HBCA and the One Straw Society (OSS) – an initiative which will bring

WHY BECOME A MEMBER AND VOLUNTEER WITH THE HBCA?“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.”Alongside asking volunteers to come forward, we are also

On April 12th, an article appeared in the Coast Reporter regarding action being taken by citizen's in relation to the Bayview Hills development.  The article [here] contained statements which have

6 days until the live online Auction at the Bay / Pickleball resumes at the school. Read more here!

A tiny road stand with a BIG idea.  Justine, baker extraordinaire, wanted to give back.  "I love this beautiful place, and I love this community--HMB you have been so supportive,

The Halfmoon Bay Community Association’s best kept secret…until NOW!   Welcome to our new website.  After months of design work by Chantal of (thank you!) and ongoing updates by the HBCA Board and

Coast Reporter article by Connie Jordison: “Halfmoon Bay Community Association continues fundraising efforts for local families Campaigns to focus on addressing food security for families in need”

The HBCA is raising funds for several programs at the Halfmoon Bay Community School. There's no end of good that can be done for the Community School and the families

Attention Pickleball lovers! Play resumes TOMORROW. To play you must be a Halfmoon Bay Community Association member (for insurance purposes).

Painted Skies over Halfmoon Bay” Book contains beautiful sunset photos taken by Halfmoon Bay residents. All profits going toward ongoing fundraising for the new Coopers Green Hall. To purchase, send

Halfmoon Bay resident, Lisa Johnson-Stott has put together a locally inspired limited-edition community book which makes an excellent coffee table conversation piece. “PAINTED SKIES OVER HALFMOON BAY, BC” is a