Subsidized Food Boxes – Sold out


The HBCA Board is excited to announce the 2nd year of collaboration with the One Straw Society (OSS) which will bring subsidized food boxes to those in need in the Halfmoon Bay community.  $4000 has been donated – $2K from the HBCA’s Community Initiative Fund (thanks to generous donations from the community) and $2K from Lyft Commodity Trading.

We’ve all seen the prices at the grocery store, how hard it is to afford items on your grocery list.  Would you like to support local businesses and farmers in your food choices?  Do you know a family in need – a new resident who hasn’t yet secured employment and could benefit from some food assistance for a couple of weeks, a senior living alone who doesn’t need an entire food box but could benefit from a small allotment?  The need is out there, you don’t have to go very far to hear the stories about food scarcity.

The application is on the OSS’s website – Applications must be submitted ASAP in order to be processed prior to the beginning of the season (which runs from late June 21 to the end of September).  Once the individual submits their application, a One Straw Society representative will contact the recipient to give them instructions on how, when and where to collect their box.

We hope you will reach out, start a conversation, look around you, be aware of the needs of your neighbours.  Communicate this opportunity with them and discuss it with your own family.  There is no stigma, no need to explain or justify your need – all are welcome.

Special thanks to Lyft Commodity Trading, the donors of our Community Initiative Program, and One Straw Society for making this initiative possible.