Halfmoon Bay, Sunshine Coast BC Canada
on the unceded territory of the shíshálh Nation

Halfmoon Bay Community Association (HBCA)

The Halfmoon Bay Community Association (HBCA) is a non-profit organization that represents the community of Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast of BC. Our Board of Directors works tirelessly to uphold the intent of its Constitution through adherence to its Mission and Objectives. Check out our local events and find out how you can get involved. Donations to our fundraising program can be made through our Community Initiatives Program.



The Halfmoon Bay Community Association (HBCA) fosters a sense of community pride and spirit through the engagement of our diverse population in activities that support our unique lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

Constitution & Bylaws



  1. Act as a communications focal point for residents and other stakeholders of the Halfmoon Bay community (such as local businesses, other community-based organizations, and government entities).
  2. Strengthen community participation and foster a sense of belonging for all.
  3. Raise the value of service provided to the residents by the HBCoA by striving to ensure its visibility and profile within the community.
  4. Plan and deliver community activities and events on a regular basis.
  5. Operate annual fundraising campaigns through the Community Initiatives Program.
  6. Represent the interests and concerns of residents to the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD).
  7. Collaborate with other community-based organizations regarding matters of common interest.
  8. Work with the SCRD on the development, maintenance, and operation of the Coopers Green Community Hall.
History of the Halfmoon Bay Community Association

The Welcome Beach Community Association was formed in 1947.

The land on which the former Community Hall sits (at 8394 Redrooffs Road), was donated by Mr. David Fullerton and initially included the 179-acre watershed area above the Community Hall. Title to the watershed area was transferred to the Sunshine Coast Regional District in 1977.

A restrictive covenant on this property was set up in favour of the 8394 Redrooffs Road property stating that the property may be used “only for the purposes of a wilderness park and hiking trails provided that up to a maximum of two acres of the park may be used for the purposes of a reservoir or for purposes relating to the SCRD’s water system”.

The Community Hall was originally built by members of the community in 1958 as a centennial project. (The Crown Colony of British Columbia was created in 1858 Honour Roll during the reign of Queen Victoria.) It has been renovated several times over the years, including a major expansion in 1971 (another centennial project — British Columbia joined the Dominion of Canada in 1871 as the 6th province). In 2006, a new metal roof was added. The colour selected? Red, of course. In 2011, the Halfmoon Bay Community Hall property was sold to a local Halfmoon Bay resident. The Welcome Beach Community Association events continued at nearby Coopers Green. In 2015, the Association changed its name to the Halfmoon Bay Community Association and continues to organize events at Coopers Green Hall and the Park.

thank-you to Gary Little for writing this historical overview
What’s on the agenda

Meeting Minutes



A great community association is made up of committed members and a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors working towards a common goal – community pride and engagement through activities that bring us together.
get involved!
We invite all members of the Halfmoon Bay community to purchase an annual HBCA membership. Monies go toward direct and indirect expenses associated with holding events and activities for the community. By purchasing a membership, you show that you are committed to the community of Halfmoon Bay.