Fundraiser - Families in Need Campaign

Families in Need Campaign

The 2020 Families in Need campaign has come to a close but will not soon be forgotten. This has been an absolutely outstanding campaign with lead coordination done by our very caring and wonderful friend, Jay Davis. Along with an amazing team of volunteers and little helpers, some families were presented with a wee bit more this holiday season capping off a very difficult year for most.

The original modest goal was to raise $5,000 with the GoFundMe campaign. Along with donations coming in through that platform, Jay also received cash, eTransfer and cheques for a grand total of $8,725! (GoFundMe = $7,700 + $1,025)

A heartfelt thank-you goes out to all who donated, many thanks to ALL the volunteers, and a HUGE thank-you to Jay!

These donations delivered Christmas stockings, gifts, toys, clothing, and food to families in Halfmoon Bay. These donations will also fund the food program at Halfmoon Bay Elementary until next December. Children who arrive hungry at the school will be offered a nutritional breakfast to get them off to a good start.”

- Jay Davis, HBCoA Director