Fawn’s Road Stand – Donuts to Dollars!

A tiny road stand with a BIG idea.  Justine, baker extraordinaire, wanted to give back.  “I love this beautiful place, and I love this community–HMB you have been so supportive, generous and kind. It has been incredible getting to know you, and seeing my little stand become part of your weekend routine.”  So she decided to bake some “love-filled” donuts  as a Valentine’s Day love letter to her community.  “Give what you can!”  And GIVE is what the community did.  Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, Justine and her community raised $504, which she promptly donated to the Community Initiatives (fundraising) Program of the HBCA.  The money is now being safely held until a suitable recipient is identified.  More information on our fundraising activities can be found on this website under Events/Fundraisers and by clicking the red Fundraising button!