Request for sunset photos of Halfmoon Bay

Request for sunset photos of Halfmoon Bay

As many of you are aware, fundraising for the new hall at Coopers Green is well underway to meet the interim target of $300,000. More is still needed. Thank-you to everyone for your donations and support to date. Many of you have been on the coast long enough to know the history of the hall and for those locals that aren’t living in the direction of the sunsets, Coopers Green Park has been a spot where people sit and watch these magnificent natural displays of colour. Therefore, an idea has come to mind that we should capture those wonderful sunsets by way of a hard copy Coffee Table book. This is a perfect gift idea and something to have in your living room on those dark dreary winter days.

This book will be available to the direct consumer through various sources once published and details will be released in due course. The work and publication costs for the book will be covered privately by a local but ALL profits will go towards raising funds for the Community Hall and once built, any future profits from the book will help to cover continuing maintenance costs.

This is where we need the assistance of all Halfmoon Bay residents!

We ask that you rummage through your photos (whether electronically preserved or captured over the years in your photo albums) and provide your best sunset image. A high resolution photo will work best. If there are kayakers in the background or a boat or the sunset has been taken while sitting around a fire pit, these are perfect too as they highlight what life on the coast is all about! We’re not sure how many will get submitted but please send as many as you have so we have a wide choice. The best ones will be used.

Additionally, for those of you with a “poetic mind”, we would encourage you to come up with “a caption” that you feel best describes your image and you will have the choice to have your name (or remain anonymous) on the photo credit. By providing the photo, you waive your future rights to any profit from the photo and you have handed it over knowing that it may be featured in the Coffee Table book in raising funds for the Coopers Green Community Hall.

We’re working towards getting this published as quickly as possible so we can meet the Christmas Gift cut off time and this depends on many factors to achieve this goal. The DEADLINE DATE for photo submission is Monday, November 9, 2020. Please email your image, caption word (or short sentence) and which name you want the photo credit to be given or if you wish to remain anonymous.

We very much appreciate your participation in this project!