Fundraiser - Painted Skies Over Halfmoon Bay Book

Painted Skies Over Halfmoon Bay Book

On March 25th, 2021, the SCRD Board of Directors approved the budget that includes the Coopers Green Hall Project to move ahead. We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed time and effort to make this happen. With this exciting news, the Halfmoon Bay Community Association will now continue our fundraising efforts.

Halfmoon Bay resident, Lisa Johnson-Stott has put together a locally inspired limited-edition community book which makes an excellent coffee table conversation piece. “PAINTED SKIES OVER HALFMOON BAY, BC” is a hardcover professionally printed coffee table book capturing the essence of our incredible sunsets. The book contains beautiful sunset photos taken by Halfmoon Bay residents. Many thanks to everyone who contributed their photos and to all who appreciate the magnificent display of colour that are part of our Halfmoon Bay skies.

The cost of the book is only $50 with all profits from the sale of the book going toward ongoing fundraising.

To order your book(s), send an email to Payment and book distribution instructions will be sent to you upon receipt of your order. As this is a LIMITED edition, get your order in as soon as possible!

Painted Skies Over Halfmoon Bay Book