One Straw Society – Subsidized Food Boxes – REGISTER NOW!


We are excited to announce a collaboration between the HBCA and the One Straw Society (OSS) – an initiative which will bring subsidized food boxes to those in need in the Halfmoon Bay community.  $3200 has been donated from the HBCA’s Community Initiative Fund (thanks to generous donations from the community) to the program which runs from late June to the end of September.

The Society says “Our priority is accessible, healthy, local food for everyone, without stigma. Whether customers pay retail price or a subsidized amount, everyone picks up their fresh produce together.”  The program is a partnership of a dozen local farms working together.  In 2021, they provided 437 subsidized and free boxes to families, seniors, and other individuals living on the Coast, made possible by Vancouver Coastal Health, the Sunshine Coast Community Services Society, and the Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living.  The HBCA is honoured to become part of this program.

Because of the demand, the OSS doesn’t have an active marketing campaign.  Through groups such as those named above, and word of mouth, the OSS is connected with those who need a helping hand to put food on the table.  That’s where YOU come in – through your personal contacts, groups you belong to, your church, school, hiking group.  Do you know a family in need of a box for a period of time (e.g. a week or two, a month), a new resident who hasn’t yet secured employment and could benefit from some food assistance for a couple of weeks, a senior living alone who doesn’t need an entire food box but could benefit from a small allotment – the need is out there, you don’t have to go very far to hear the stories about food scarcity. 

Those in need may be unaware that help is available to them, simply by completing the application on the OSS’s website – (either on their own or with your assistance if they are unable to navigate the site on their own).  While the season has begun, they are still accepting applications.  There is opportunity for more HMB households to receive subsidized boxes!

Success relies on YOU – to reach out, to start a conversation, to look around you, to be aware of the needs of your neighbours in this community, and act.

Thank you,


Linda McMahon

President, on behalf of the HBCA Board of Directors