Coopers Green Community Engagement Session

Coopers Green Hall Replacement – 2020 Update

Dear members, I’m sure you are all aware that as a community we have been fundraising for a new Coopers Green Community Hall. Don Cunliffe – HBCoA Fund-raising Director, just announced that we have surpassed our original goal of $300,000.

We are very pleased to announce that we have raised $309,200 with another $14,000 in pledges still to be processed!

On behalf of all the HBCoA Directors, we would like to thank you and a huge thank-you to Don Cunliffe and Brian Smith for their endless energy to raise these funds. On November 12, there will be a meeting with the SCRD which Don and Brian will attend to present our information and money raised package after which a decision will be made as to when the project will begin.

Although we have reached and surpassed our original committed total, the HBCoA Board will carry on fund-raising by receiving ‘gifts in kind’ from trades donating their time, building materials, etc., along with cash (or cheque) donations to offset what the SCRD will need to contribute to building the new Community Hall. Thank you to everyone involved to make this long-awaited dream come true!

Terry Knight | President
Halfmoon Bay Community Association
Nov, 06, 2020

Coopers Green 2020 Updates: